Tuesday, February 23, 2010

30th birthday - 1, Sarah - 0

So last night was the first of the 30th birthday festivities. Pizza and beer. I skipped on the beer and ate 3 pretty big pieces of pepperoni pizza. I did blot the top, so that should count for something, right???? Yeah, not really.

Anyhow today is the actual day, and I am getting ready to attend a lunch, and then a dinner tonight, as well as lunch again tomorrow. Also, at some point this week will be dinner & the movies, with my actual party on Friday night. I really don't know how I even have a chance. However, I have decided no drinks. With the exception of maybe Friday night, because I probably won't be given a choice.

But other than that, no glasses of wine with dinner or margaritas with lunch. I don't really care that much about it, and it totally is empty calories that I can do without. Plus I am sticking with my healthy breakfasts, which maybe will cause me to eat less at lunch.

In the meantime, do your own celebrating and head over to Prior Fat Girl.

Jen is having a super awesome giveaway that will make you feel like its your birthday.

And please, if you've never read Jen's blog, start now. And make your way through the archives. She is such a soldier, not only in weight loss, but in life. I pray daily for her type of strength and grace. And I've never even met her! That should tell you something. Go read!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!! I like to call it "Birthday Extravaganza" when it lasts atleast 3-5 days! :)

  2. Thanks! Tonight is the last of the celebration until Friday - I hope I can make it!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I like to celebrate for a whole month when my birthday comes around. :)