Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh, yeah...

So now I remember why I have never counted calories before. It is a total pain in the ass. This morning it took me 15 minutes to find my tape measure so that I could measure my banana and determine through Calorie King how many calories it had. To me that is just a lot of work. But I'm going to give it a few more days. I am doing this mostly to get myself back on track, and once I do, I am going to quit the calorie counting. I just can't handle that much detail. I also think that I might have a tendency to become obsessed with the numbers, and I know weight loss is basically a numbers game, but I lost 60+ lbs. without counting, so I feel like its not something I have to do.

That being said, this is how today shaped up:


Yogurt - 100
Banana - 105
Serving of RF Wheat Thins - 130
Laughing Cow wedge - 35

Morning Snack:

Pear - 80
Serving Baby Carrots - 35
Roasted Garlic hummus - 140


Sandwhich Thin w/ turkey, Laughing Cow, baby spinach, mustard - 185
Cup of green grapes - 104


Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs - 310
Reduced Fat Ice Cream Sandwhich - 130

Total: 1,354

I also worked out on the treadmill for 60 mintues today. The Lean Cuisine is not something that I eat very often because the sodium scares me. However, I have been sitting on my couch all day with my laptop (I work from home), and I was just looking to fill my stomach because my eyeballs were hurting too badly for me to concentrate on putting together a meal.

I should also probably focus on getting more veggies in. Especially green ones.

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