Monday, March 8, 2010

Flippin the switch...

After getting up early and doing some work this morning, I am just now finding time to update you on my "recommitment". Percy Jackson had nothing to do with that. Promise.

Anyhow, things have been going really well. It’s almost like a flip switched. I just decided to do it and now I'm doing it. I'm not foolish enough to think this ease will last forever. Probably by next week I'll be jonesing to skip my workouts and devour a pizza. But its true what they say - one good decision makes the next one that much easier, so I'm trying to continue to make good decisions. It’s weird because your body really does not forget. Between the endorphins from the exercise and the empty stomach feeling (I'm not starving myself by any means, but compared to what my stomach has been feeling lately, it does kind of feel empty these days), I keep thinking, "Yep, I remember this." I remember the light feeling and the general feeling of goodness.

Plus the mental aspect is so much better. Just knowing that I am doing something every day to contribute to my weight loss makes me so much happier and I don't constantly have that feeling of "I should do that."

Weigh in will be Friday, and I will let everyone know how it goes. (That's assuming you would actually care.) I am just trying to take things one day at a time.

I also have a recipe for black bean quesadillas that I really want to try out so I may do a post on that.

Have a great Monday!

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